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GardenSoxx Garden Kit with EZ Filler and Irrigation


The GardenSoxx Garden Kit comes with everything you need to get growing. Installation is fast and easy! The shipping tube is the EZ Filler. Simply tie one end of the GardenSoxx mesh and pull it over the EZ Filler like putting on a sock; fill the GardenSoxx mesh with compost and tie it closed; arrange the GardenSoxx to fit your space; Easily install the drip irrigation; then cut a hole in the GardenSoxx and plant. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

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Kit includes:

  • Roll of GardenSoxx mesh
  • EZ Filler cardboard tube
  • Drip irrigation fittings for up to four rows

Compost not included.

GardenSoxx Mesh


GardenSoxx Mesh


GardenSoxx mesh is sold without the EZ Filler and Drip Irrigation, and is available in three sizes to fit your needs.

5-inch mesh is ideal for small plants such as herbs, and is commonly used when gardening vertically in troughs or pallets to help contain soil and eliminate weeds. It can also be laid on the ground or any surface to grow small row crops. One cubic foot of compost makes 4 row-feet of 5-Inch GardenSoxx.

8-inch mesh is our standard size and can be used to grow most garden plants. Use the mesh to extend your garden if you already have an EZ Filler. Using 8-inch mesh, one cubic foot of compost makes 2 row-feet of GardenSoxx.

12-inch mesh is often used by commercial growers or for growing garden plants with larger root systems such as tomatoes and squash. One cubic foot of compost will make one row-foot of GardenSoxx.

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GardenSoxx Single-Row Kit with EZ Filler and Irrigation (25 ft)


GardenSoxx is a simple alternative to a traditional raised bed garden. Installation is fast and easy! Simply fill the GardenSoxx mesh with compost or your favorite growing media, tie off the ends, and cut a hole large enough for your plant plug or seeds. Easily cut the roll of GardenSoxx mesh to custom lengths.

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GardenSoxx mesh keeps weed seeds out while providing the drainage and aeration that plants need. Use them anywhere – decks, patios, driveways, or on top of clay soil – to create the ideal growing environment. GardenSoxx are also great for a community garden or school garden.

Create a SINGLE-ROW garden with this kit. Just add your compost growing media! 

This kit contains:

  • 25 ft roll of mesh, 8 inch diameter (yields about 16-20 ft when filled)
  • EZ Filler cardboard tube
  • 25 ft drip irrigation kit with fittings for one-row layout